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Legal Expense Insurance

Though we don’t always anticipate it, nearly everyone will need an attorney at some point in their lifetime.

Sometimes life throws you an unfortunate curveball—divorce, child custody, foreclosure, bankruptcy—which requires an attorney’s assistance. However, it’s not always life’s emergencies that necessitate legal help.

Sometimes, the smartest move is to get legal guidance to help you prevent those curveballs. Here are a few common situations where a legal plan can help:

  • Creating a will
  • Buying or selling a home
  • Adopting a child
  • Budgeting and financial planning

A legal insurance plan will pay your attorney’s fees for these expected and unexpected life events.

Is legal insurance worth it?

Legal insurance plans cost enrollees $20 per month or less, or approximately $240 per year - less than the $391 average hourly rate of an attorney in the United States.1

Consider the monetary and emotional cost of being without an attorney during life’s big moments. Knowing a vetted, professional attorney is accessible and affordable is invaluable.

Additionally, with the legal plan, members gain access to financial and tax professionals at no additional cost.

2.2 million fraud cases were reported in 2020 2

Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft happens when someone uses your personal information, like your name, credit card data or Social Security number, without your permission.

It can damage to your credit score and result in a loss of financial assets.

Fraudsters can access this information in different ways, but the good news is no matter how creative a thief may be, there are ways to protect your information and recover if a breach does occur.

Is credit monitoring worth it?

Identity monitoring services scan the dark web, public databases, and your credit reports for unusual activity and sends you a real-time alert.

Unusual activity could include, for example, your Social Security number appearing in a payday loan application. The real-time alerts allow you to act quickly to stop the thief in their tracks.

Restoration Specialists work one-on-one with you to take any corrective action necessary to save your money and your reputation.

Legal insurance and identity protection that helps your family feel secure and protected for less than $1 a day.

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