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Val offers personalized and friendly service. Her goal is to provide fast and efficient assistance. To utilize Val’s services for the first time, enroll by calling (855) 391-2149 and say something like, “check my balance,” which will prompt Val to assist you through the initial enrollment process. Once you are enrolled, Val will ask for your account number and access code to confirm your identity before securely accessing any account details.

When you talk to Val, you can get additional account information

without talking to an agent.


Check Balances

Listen to your current account balances

Recent activity

Hear a list of recent transactions, withdrawals, or deposits.

Transfer Funds

Make a transfer between your BVSCU accounts.

Make payments

Make a loan or credit card payment to or from your BVSCU accounts.


Q: Why is the credit union adding a “virtual assistant”?
A: The credit union thrives in delivering exceptional member experience.  By adding Val, members receive service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Q: What if you need additional help?
A: Val can transfer you to an agent during our regular business hours.

Q: What if Val does not understand your request?
A: Val will ask up to three (3) times for clarification. If clarification is not received, the call will be transferred to an agent during our regular business hours Monday - Thursday 8AM - 5PM and Friday 8AM - 5:30PM.

Q: How many questions can you ask?
A: There is no limit on the number of questions that can be asked.

Q: Are there any wait times to speak with Val?
A: No, she offers immediate assistance.