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Want to add convenience and security with less worry?  Sign up for e-statements today!

Check out eight reasons to switch to e-statements:

  1.  Fast Delivery - E-statements do not require time to print and prepare for mailing, so you will receive them on the 1st of each month.
  1.  Email notification - No need to wonder if your statement is in the mailbox or at the post office.  We will send you an email to let you know your statement is ready. 
  1.  Enhanced security - By viewing your statements online, you eliminate the chance that someone will steal your statement out of the mail on its journey to you.  A significant percentage of fraudulent activity still takes place from criminals stealing mail.
  1. Save the planet - By choosing to go paperless, you are saving our environment.
  1.  Automatic storage - We will keep 12 months of your statements available for you anytime with estatement
  1.  View from multiple devices - You can view your estatements online from any device
  1.  Stay organized - No need to shred your personal documents anymore
  1.  It’s FREE!!!!!!!! - We do not charge our members to have e-statements and the look of the statements are the exact same as the paper statements.

Switch from paper to electronic three ways:

  1. Access your account online and click on the "E-Statement" widget then read and accept the disclosure.    
  2. Call 281-391-2149 and ask to have your paper statements changed to e-statements.  
  3. Email and request to have e-statements. An email will be sent to the one we have on file. Accept the disclosure and then you will have full access to 12 months of e-statements.


  • Are statements emailed to members?   No, statements are not emailed to members, but rather stored in a secure location on your online account.  The only email sent is to notify you that your statements are ready to view.
  • Are there any settings that I need to do on my computer to be able to view my statements?  Yes, once you are logged into your account online, you will need to make sure your pop-up blockers are turned off for the online site.  Once you make this change, you will not have to do it again.
  • What if I need to print a statement?  You can still print a statement through e-statements.  Once you display the statement on your computer screen, you’ll be able to print from it like any other document.
  • I have e-statements right now, but I get a paper one every quarter, what do I do to stop the one that comes to me quarterly?  If you are set up for e-statements and you are still receiving paper statement, simply email and they can insure your account is set to e-statements only. 
  • What happens when my child turns 15?  Along with your child, call the credit union and ask that the account be switched to e-statements. This is a great opportunity to teach your youth about their account and how to log into online banking and view their balances as well as statements.